A Policeman Fucked My Son: Scene 2

Bent cop Ben Brown continues filthy fucking with hairy hunk Bruno Knight getting it hard and fast from the tattooed fucker. Shoving each other against the walls and onto the floor, the aggressive duo spit, lick and suck every inch of their hairy bodies, rubbing each other hard as they get drenched in spit, working their hot and begging butts. Bruno getting his hot tongue as deep as possible, ready to fuck the copper, giving it to him easy to start with, but the aggression is soon back and Ben gets subjected to a real hard pounding. With a great view looking up at the hard fucking, we can almost reach out and feel Bruno’s slick dick sliding incessantly into Ben, his own rock hard dick standing to attention and begging to get some action too. Forced to the floor, Bruno exacts his revenge on the copper, shooting wads of spunk over Ben, soaking him in an amazing fountain of man spunk before getting Ben’s load all over his face and down his begging throat; leaving them both covered in sweat.

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